IQ Position Module​

The IQ Position Module is an integrated motor and controller with an embedded position sensor. With a position sensor and advanced calibration and control algorithms, we're able optimize motor performance and give users control over their machines like never before. The built-in minimum jerk trajectory generator creates smooth motion with minimal user effort. It speaks step/direction and IQ’s UART protocol.



Motor Dimensions

Stator Dimensions

Shaft Diameter

Weight (motor w/o wires)

Weight (prop adapter + nut)

Motor KV

Max Continuous Motor Current

Max Instant Motor Current

Voltage (Max # of Lipo Cells)

​Peak Continuous torque (in airflow)

32-bit ARM Cortex MCU @ 64 MHz

28.4 mm diameter, 22 mm height

23 mm diameter, 6 mm height

2 mm ID, 5mm OD, 5 mm prop

37.4 g

2.6 g

180 RPM/V

2.5 A

5.3 A

25.2 V (6S)

130 Nmm



Enhanced Controllability

Position control with tunable PID

Reversible, no delay while crossing zero

No start-up or reverse jitter

Anticogging: smoother, quieter motion; reduced machine vibration

Power and Efficiency Boost

Sinusoidal commutation (10x more efficient than steppers)

Trapezoidal commutation (4.8% more shaft power)

Other Advanced Feature

Built-in minimum jerk trajectory generator

Regenerative and active braking

Over-current protection

Communication protocols (serial, step/direction & standard PWM)

Telemetry capability (voltage, current, RPM)

Fast FET switching, use of gate drivers

Sensored vector control with space vector PWM

Controller-motor integration

IQ Position Module Datasheet
IQ Position Communication Manual
IQ Instruction Manual
IQ Errata Document

To change settings, run basic tests, and upload new firmware on your IQ Speed Module, visit our Control Center page.

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