IQ Position Module​

The IQ Position Module is an integrated motor and controller with an embedded position sensor. With a position sensor and advanced calibration and control algorithms, we're able optimize motor performance and give users control over their machines like never before. The built-in minimum jerk trajectory generator creates smooth motion with minimal user effort. It speaks step/direction and IQ’s UART protocol.
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Motor Dimensions

Stator Dimensions

Shaft Diameter

Weight (motor w/o wires)

Weight (motor w/ wires + connectors)

Weight (prop adapter + nut)

Motor KV

Max Continuous Motor Current (10s)

Max Instant Motor Current (50 ms)

Voltage (Max # of Lipo Cells)

​Peak Continuous torque

32-bit ARM Cortex MCU @ 64 MHz

28.4 mm diameter, 22 mm height

23 mm diameter, 6 mm height

2 mm ID, 5mm OD, 5 mm prop

35.2 g

43.1 g

2.6 g

220 RPM/V

3 A

6 A

17 V (4S)

50 Nmm


IQ Position Module Datasheet​ Coming Soon!

Enhanced Controllability

Position control with tunable PID

Reversible, no delay while crossing zero

No stert-up or reverse jitter

Anticogging: smoother, quieter motion; reduced machine vibration

40 ms response time

Power and Efficiency Boost

Sinusoidal commutation (10x more efficient than steppers)

Trapezoidal commutation (4.8% more shaft power)

Other Advanced Feature

Built-in minimum jerk trajectory generator

Regenerative and active braking

Over-current protection

Communication protocols (serial, step/direction & standard PWM)

Telemetry capability (voltage, current, RPM)

Fast FET switching, use of gate drivers

Sensored vector control with space vector PWM

Controller-motor integration