Frequently asked questions

  1. Does the module require another motor controller or ESC?
    No! The motor controller (ESC) is integrated in the motor.
  2. How can I change the settings on my motor module?
    The easiest way to change module settings is through our user interface, called the IQ Control Center. You can download that from the Control Center page of our website (under the Support tab). Please use the instruction manual to see the various ways to connect your module to the user interface.
  3. What communication protocol do you recommend?
    The speed firmware communicates via DShot, MultiShot, Oneshot, PWM, and UART, and the position firmware communicates via step/direction, UART, and PWM. For the speed module and a standard FC, we recommend DShot. For the position module, we recommend UART because it is fully featured.
  4. What's the difference between the two firmware choices?
    The two primary differences are the communication protocols and the style of controller. The speed module has a velocity controller, while the position module has a position controller.
  5. Will I be able to change the firmware on my module?
    Yes, you will be able to update your current firmware or flash different firmware using the IQ Control Center and ST Demonstrator. See the instruction manual for more details.
  6. How do I connect my module to a flight controller, arduino, etc.?
    You can directly connect the modules to any FC, arduino, etc. Use the datasheet to figure out which communication connections are associated with each pin. You’ll also have to connect to power and ground. Datasheets are available on the product pages and our documentation page.
  7. Don’t RC cars already have sensored motors?
    Yes, but RC car motors have 3 discrete hall sensors, while IQ modules use a magnetic rotary encoder. This new technology gives us extremely precise motor position information, which allows us to drive the motor more efficiently, smoothly and accurately.
  8. Do IQ motors use field oriented control (FOC)?
    Sort of. FOC belongs to a family of control called vector control. IQ motors do vector control, but not FOC. We call our control method "FEC" (field estimated control) because we rely on an encoder to estimate motor position. You should expect the same efficiency benefits of an FOC motor plus other advantages like seamless reversibility, faster reaction time, and position control.
  9. For quads, what flight controller do you recommend?
    IQ modules will work with any standard flight controller. Please be cautious when flying for the first time to make sure your settings are correct. Currently, we suggest BetaFlight and KISS because that's what we've tested on the most. Please see our documentation page for suggested FC settings.
  10. What voltages can I use with the Speed and Position Modules?
    Use any voltage between 5V and 25.2V (Lipo 2S to 6S). We recommend using the external capacitor for anything above 3S.
For other questions, you can reach out to us here.